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Getting thoughtful with the thank you

Topic by suevjones in Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement on
ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 1 comment 2 shares 3 likes

As we're sure you are fully aware, we are currently in the middle of the biggest celebration for Volunteers' Week here in the UK. And, here at Thoughtful Thursdays, we are more than certain that you've been extremely creative with...

Why Do You Do-it? 2016 Volunteering Survey Results

Post by News Hound on

Volunteering helps us find new friends, improves our mental health and three quarters of us would be more likely to volunteer if the boss gave us time off to do it! That’s according to over 1,400 volunteers who took...

Thoughtful Thursday: The amazing disappearing volunteer

Topic by HelenJ in Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement on
ttvolmgrs 9 comments 2 shares 4 likes

This week I wanted to write about something that we've been wrestling with recently at a couple of the organisations I work with, the disappearing volunteer. I think it's something that's quite common in volunteer recruitment. We've recruited a new...