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Why do you volunteer? We want to hear from you!

Post by SpotLight on
virtual volunteering and research

Why do you volunteer? What stops you from volunteering more? Do-it.org, the national voluntereing website, is running its annual survey to see how people are voluntereing in the UK. Last year over 1,000 people shared their views and this...

Measuring Impact Masterclass - June 2016

Event by Economic_Change on

This Masterclass is for organisations who want to develop a framework, reporting process and system for measuring the social and economic impact of their projects. The workshop will cover the following topics: Defining your aims and objectives Defining your outputs...

Realising Community Assets into Social Enterprise Models

Post by Economic_Change on
social enterprise, community development, strategy, training and funding 1 share

Local community organisations may have acquired a local asset on a sole-ownership, community asset transfer or lease basis. These assets can be invaluable to the commercial viability of their organisation, as the space can offer a number of opportunities for...