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how much can you spend on training volunteers before it becomes legal issue

Question by VANELENFUSE on
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I am working with a group at present who are small community environmental conservation group.  they have a few volunteers whom they have funded through expensive training such as chain saw licenses, one of whom did the training then went...

Thoughtful Thursday - Let's get creative

Topic by suevjones in Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement on
volunteer management and ttvolmgrs 5 comments 2 shares 2 likes

For this week’s topic, I’m inviting you to get thoughtful with me on the subject of innovation and working creatively. I’m fairly certain you’ll be familiar with these terms – let’s face it, they crop up frequently no matter what...

Volunteering Agreements - should you have one?

Resource by iguide on
volunteer management, recruitment and legal 6 comments 5 likes

Should you be asking your volunteers to sign an agreement? We asked Jane Klauber from leading charity legal experts, Russell-Cooke.  Views still vary in the sector as to whether a volunteering agreement is helpful in defining objectives and expectations...