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Manchester Volunteer Managers Network - meeting 3!

14:30 - 16:30 Monday Sept. 10th 2012
Manchester, UK

So MVMN is back again for its third meeting, this time with the wonderful Rob Jackson of Rob Jackson Consulting in attendance!

MVMN aims to provide an informal network for people working in volunteer management to come and chat, share ideas, best practice, tips and suggestions.  As it's informal, feel free to drop in any time, even if you can't make the whole session!

It's a member-led group so you choose what the agenda is- if someone wants to speak about it, then we long as there's time, cos we volunteer managers do like to talk! :-) Please let me know if there's anything particular you'd like to discuss and then we can let other attendees know to get the cogs whirring about that subject!

Following a suggestion, one of the topics will be the proposed merger between NCVO and Volunteering England.  Rob has very kindly agreed to kick off this discussion with some background information, and we hope to talk about how the merger will affect volunteer managers and what we can do to make sure that the voice of volunteer managers is heard during these merger talks!

The venue for this time will be Gregory's Place, 69 Ardwick Green North, Manchester, M12 6ES. Gregory's Place is very close to GMCVO, a short walk from Piccadilly train station, and there's also lots of free parking on the streets outside and around.

Please do contact me if you have any questions at all and/or to let me know if you can make it, so I make sure I get enough chairs out of the store room!:-)

Hopefully see you there, and make sure to spread the word!

here are links to:
Venue map:
Rob's ivo profile:
Rob Jackson Consulting website:
Information on the Volunteering England/NCVO merger:


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profile thumb for julia3781

Thanks for organising these Adam, they are a great chance to meet and discuss the issues on an informal basis, which is often how the most interesting debates start! Looking forward to meeting you in September.

6th Aug '12 at 09:12
profile thumb for addammh addammh

Look forward to meeting you too, Julia! See you in September:-)

profile thumb for Laura77

This is next door to where I work, so really couldn't ask for more! :) Thanks for organising Addam!

6th Aug '12 at 10:12
profile thumb for addammh addammh

An absolute pleasure, and must also give credit to Emma and Lisa for their organisational prowess!:-)

profile thumb for Emma Corrigan
Emma Corrigan

ooh It's going to be a belter :)

6th Aug '12 at 08:55
profile thumb for addammh addammh

And it just won't be the same without you there!:-)