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My names Wayne Guttridge and I am one of the founders of Education & Health Nepal a Non profit organization based in Nepal . My aim is to build an international charity dedicated to helping people from scratch.

In 2006 i participated in my first volunteering experience in Nepal which i loved, the only problem i had was that out of the £500 I paid for the experience only 20% reached the village where i was stationed. So I spent three years living there getting an understanding of how to work in a Nepali environment. Then in 2010 we launched EHN which supports schools, orphanages and our own projects like our community centre and a drinking water project set up to provide safe drinking water to the families living in the slums of Kathmandu. We all work for free and started this charity with just £250 and our own time. Since then we have helped renovate a school, built a community centre, helped orphanages gain sponsors and about to give 7 families drinking safe drinking water for the next three years with the intention of placing many more.

Building a volunteer organization from scratch is so interesting because there are many people in the world that wants to make a difference and connecting with them can move mountains.