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Giving the gift of safe water in the slums of Kathmandu!

00:00 Sun 29th Jan. - 00:00 Fri 8th Feb. 2013

Important: No more volunteers are currently required for this opportunity.

In Nepal just last year over 7900 children officially died from diarrhoeal related disease. This figure is probably a lot higher due to the high numbers of homeless people as well as people living the high areas of the Himalayas where life is hard. There are many reasons for this ranging from chemical use for farming through to the lack of sanitation, toilets and education. If you look at the figures many areas in the mountains and even in some areas of the cities as well have no access to toilets, clean water for washing and most importantly drinking.

And coupled with the increasing urbanization of the cities its getting worse. If you look at the Kathmandu valley for instance the Capitol of Nepal you will find that the main rivers are so polluted that they are unable to support life in the water. People with a lack of education are living in shacks and temporary housing along these rivers in a hope of finding work and a better life for the children.

Many come from the mountains and from the recent Civil war where to be near the city offered comfort and safety. Here they can scrape a living by collecting recyclable material, and labouring in menial jobs which earns just enough to survive. Its a tough life in which to live but it there is hope, the children go to school and through education comes progress.

But one of the main problems is water, right across Kathmandu and Nepal water is being polluted, factories, human waste, pesticides, insecticides, livestock waste are all adding to water that has become unfit to drink in many areas.

Our aim at Experience Himalayan Nepal is to help change this, we don’t want to rely on Charity as Nepali are proud people, we want to use what Nepal has to offer the world and plough the money back into helping the people that really need it.

And in this current day and age Nepal has a strong volunteer base where thousands flock each year to combine a trek with helping the less fortunate. Which when added to the Trekking of the greatest mountain range in the world gives us a valuable ways of raising money to help.

Please visit the following websites to gain an idea about how the lifestraw works and can help save lives.
We are looking for volunteers who are interested in working on this project based in Kathmandu, helping to advertise across the World, monitoring the use of the lifestraws and being part of the team that places them with the families. It’s a challenging role where everyday will be different and you are encouraged to try new ways of promoting through trekking and other Medias.
Our fees for the placements are being dropped to,
For the Lifestraw project £220 + 2 family lifestraws (£30 each) per month.
Which means that each volunteer has helped give two families drinking water for the next three years within the first couple of days of arriving in Nepal.
A real difference in people’s lives.

Description of Duties.- Your work will be divided up with a portion of your time spent in the EHN office writing reports, emailing other possible sponsors & volunteers and helping to spread the word of our work there. The rest of your time will be spent working on the Baghmati River placing & training the families in using the lifestraws, with each lifestraw placed there needs to be follow up sessions to make sure they are using them properly and there are no problems. There is plenty of scope for you to input ideas and develop them alongside the main work. In fact we are looking for people who want to really get involved with this project.

Placement Location- Based in the Experience Himalayan Nepal office in Kathmandu you will place, monitor lifestraws in the slums of the Baghmati River alongside our Nepali colleagues.
Accommodation- Will be provided by the local families in Kathmandu with at least two members of the family being fluent in English. Our aim is for each volunteer to have their own room but at times you will be expected to share with one other. Meals will be provided by the family on the typical Nepalese Dhal Bhat of Rice, curry and soup.
Extra Information-
Fees: (£)
0 2 Weeks 140
3 Weeks 210
4 Weeks 280
5 Weeks 350
6 Weeks 420
7 Weeks 490
8 Weeks 560
Each Additional Week 50
+ £80 admin charge to cover, admin, airport pickup, hotels stay, taxis, food sightseeing, transfers to and from placement.
The program fee covers
1. Transport to and from the Kathmandu to Pokhara
2. Meal and accommodation (Nepali standard) with host family during placement.
3. Accommodation and main meals during placement.
4. Transportation (pick up and drop off to/from airport and placement)
5. Sight seeing in Kathmandu
The fee does not cover
1. Insurance (medical, travel, personal belongings)
2. Flight or land transportation from your country to Nepal.
3. Personal expenses (i.e. gift items, food in between meals, water)
4. Trekking, rafting, other adventure activities.
5. Visa costs.
6. Medical and Doctor Expenses

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