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Frequently Asked Questions

Aspire. Connect. Do.
ivo is the network for social change.

Our vision is to make the UK a better place to live and work in by creating a thriving social network that brings together people of all ages, with organisations and companies to get inspiration, connections and opportunities to enable mass participation in community projects and causes.

If you’re new to the site and thinking of joining us here’s a few FAQs that might help.

Is ivo open to the UK only?
ivo is run from the UK but is open to anyone from around the world to join.

However please note that we only accept volunteer opportunities and job postings from the UK at the moment.

Can I find a volunteer opportunity on ivo?
Yes – search through our 20,000 plus listings of Volunteer Opportunities. New stuff is being added every day.

Can I find a paid job on ivo?
Yes – our jobs section went live in April 2013 and charities and other non profits are adding new vacancies daily. You can create a subscription to be notified when new jobs that match your interests are added.

What if I can't find what I want?
Sign up and create a subscription so you can get new volunteer opportunity and job listings emailed to you as they are added - you can choose for daily or weekly digests, or get them as they are posted.

If you're looking to volunteer you can also sign up to create a Volunteer Profile so that charities and groups can find you.

I'm not sure what I want to do!
Need some inspiration? Check out our blogs posted by volunteers and charities.

Can I share my volunteering experiences on here?
Yes please! If you’ve done something that you’re proud of then why not record it on your profile? Our new Portfolios enable you create a public record of your volunteering and have your work endorsed by the charities that you help - a great way to impress recruiters and inspire others.

Or why not blog about what you've done? If we like what we see we'll feature it so the whole community can get inspired.

Can I network with people who have similar interests to me?
ivo is a fully functioning social network. You can invite your friends and colleagues to follow you, or connect with other members near you with similar interests.

Can I create a group on ivo?
You can set up both open and private groups.

What about privacy?
ivo has a 'Private Profile' option which enables you to control who sees your updates, content and who gets to connect with you. You can find this in your Account Settings.

ivo never shares your personal data with any third parties. However when you apply for a job, volunteer opportunity or to attend an event your real name and email address is passed on to the recruiter so they can follow up your application. For more information check out our Privacy Policy.

Can I use ivo to recruit volunteers?
If you're looking for volunteers then you can post volunteer opportunities - these are then sent out in daily and weekly digests to volunteer subscribers. Our recruitment tools include an application form that enables you to capture details of applicants which can be exported to a spreadsheet. We'll soon be adding new tools that will enable you to better track who applies for what so that you can refine your recruitment messages to maximise impact.

You can also can also browse and make contact with available volunteers who are looking to do something right now.

If you have a lot of volunteering opportunities you can stream a live feed from your ivo profile to your website using our Widgets. They're fully customisable so you can select just your content or choose all of ivo's volunteering opportunities/jobs/blogs etc.

How can I thank my volunteers?
By encouraging your volunteers to publish their work via our new Portfolio tool you'll be able to endorse all of their work, helping them to build an online showcase of their achievements which can inspire others and impress prospective employers.

Portfolios also enable you to see how much time volunteers are giving to your organisation plus earn recommendations from them which can support your future recruitment drives.

Can I use ivo to recruit paid staff?
You can now add free listings to promote your paid work vacancies - these get sent out to subscribers on a daily or weekly basis. Over 70% of our members are interested in paid work vacancies so you'll be accessing a fast growing audience to get the maximum interest in your job.

How can ivo help me promote my event or project?
By posting a blog, news update, volunteer opportunity or event listing on ivo you'll be accessing the fastest growing social network for good.

Plus you can tell us your news by messaging News Hound - ivo is a registered Google news partner - another great way to promote what you're doing!

I want to start a campaign/project - can I use ivo?
Absolutely. We have tools and resources to set up and run your own campaign or project. Blog about it, find other people to get involved, create a group to share information and manage your work.

How can ivo help my company engage with the community?
Companies can create Volunteer Profiles so charities can see what you're offering. Plus your employees can sign up too and link their profile to yours - that way when they publish an activity you'll be able to see how many hours they're giving to the community. This service is free.

Can I log in with Facebook?
Yes you can - using your Facebook login will prevent you from having to think of a new username and password.

How much does it cost?
ivo is free to use.

What am I waiting for?
Search us! Sign up and change your world!