Do-it Development News for Volunteer Centres

This is a private group for Volunteer Centres that currently use V-Base and the Do-it volunteering service. Here we'll be consulting with you and sharing our plans to redevelop Do-it. Please feel free to ask questions or share your ideas!...

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Do-it and volunteer centres
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Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

We're all about championing the vital role carried out by those of you leading, managing and coordinating volunteering. Leading the weekly dedicated tweet chat and discussion for managers of volunteers everywhere! Join us here and via @vmmovement and get thoughtful about...

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Volunteer Managers Group

If you are involved in volunteer management and would like to share your thoughts and ideas, this is an open group for all things relating to it! - At the moment it's very new, and has not got a structure,...

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Volunteering Brighton and Hove

This is the ivo group of Volunteer Centre Brighton & Hove. All new volunteering opportunities we advertise are posted here, enabling you to respond directly to organisations looking for volunteers in Brighton & Hove. You can also keep up to...

Brighton, The City of Brighton and Hove, UK
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Volunteer Centres Tech Support Forum

This group is a space for Volunteer Centres to share information and advice about V-Base and other aspects of using Do-it with their colleagues around the country. 

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Employee Volunteering Network (EVN)

For all those taking part in or managing Employer Supported Volunteering programmes. This group is a place for those from the private, voluntary and public sectors to share information, raise new issues and network with others involved in the field.

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Brighton & Hove Volunteer Co-ordinators' Forum

The Volunteer Co-ordinators' Forum aims to help volunteer managers and co-ordinators in Brighton & Hove feel supported in their role, connected with their peers and able to develop skills & share experiences in the management of volunteers. Next Forum...

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Brighton and Hove
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Voluntary Internship Providers

Collaborative space for voluntary sector organisations that offer Voluntary Internships

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London Volunteer Managers Network

The London Volunteer Managers Network aims to provide a forum for informal networking between volunteer management professionals based in and around London. We organise roughly 4 events per year, in the evening at a central location, and encourage both new and...

London, UK
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Derby Volunteer Managers Network

This group is for Volunteer Managers operating in and around Derby to share views, thoughts and ideas on how we can all make improvements in our work. Join us, we don't bite!We are the Volunteer Centre based...

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