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Match UK Parliament Speech to Video

Added by HelpFromHome, on behalf of They Work For You
United Kingdom

The task here is to match up written speech being displayed from the UK Parliament’s House of Commons, to what’s being played on a video. The video is accompanied with a transcribed excerpt from the video, which needs to be timestamped at the point the speech occurs in the video. Some of the videos can be up to 1 hour long, but there is a facility to skip scenes in 10 to 30 second increments.

The timestamped video would then become available on the 'They Work For You' website, which is a service that provides provides links to Hansard speeches and written answers, organised by date, topic or MP.

Help 'They Work For You' by working for them.

Time taken: Upto 20 minutes
Impact: Matching text to video makes the videos searchable and allows British citizens to see how their MP's are voting on legislative bills.
Cost: Nothing
Location: From anywhere in the UK / World

This action was brought to you by Help From Home. Please note, it has no connection with this opportunity.