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CRB? DBS? ...what do they mean?

So we’ve all heard something about the change from CRB to DBS and may be familiar with something about online certificates and free checks for volunteers but if you’re still a bit confused by it all here’s a quick guide for clarification.

  1. The CRB (Criminal Record Bureau) will now be referred to as DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service).
  2. DBS is the result of a merge of the Criminal Records Bureau and the Independent Safeguarding Authority.
  3. At present people have to apply for a new certificate every time they change jobs, however, under this new system applicants can apply once to the DBS for a certificate then both applicants and organisations can check online to see if the certificate is still valid.
  4. It’s free for volunteers to use the online service when applying for different opportunities.
  5. Paid employees will need to pay an annual fee to use the online service which ‘will be less than the cost of a new criminal record check’.
  6. This new system should speed up the recruitment process for public and private sector employers.
  7. The DBS online service is part of the government’s plan to save the taxpayer up to £1.2bn by 2015 by making some government services available online.  

Visit the Home Office website for more information.

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profile thumb for Bulmani

But just to clarify! the new system of portable certificates are not available yet. It is due to go live this Spring sometime

16th Jan '13 at 11:44