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profile thumb for jgibney jgibney started following kookyk8 15th Nov at 18:01
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Hi all,

I'm currently thinking about how to develop personally and professionally, and am starting to explore how a mentor or coach outside of my team could help. I had some interesting discussions about this at the AVM conference yesterday.

I'd be really interested to hear from anyone who has either had a mentor/coach or been one, to find out how it went.



24th Oct at 10:44
profile thumb for jgibney jgibney started following ollybenson 14th Aug at 13:24
profile thumb for jgibney jgibney started following HelenJ 4th Mar at 20:09
profile thumb for jgibney jgibney started following Debbieu 28th Feb at 09:56
profile thumb for jgibney jgibney started following lgoodwill 25th Feb at 22:32
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Hi everyone. I'm looking for some advice and thought I'd come to the best of the best :)

This is my first post, so I hope it goes to the right place!

We have an intranet site that volunteers can access built in SharePoint 2010. I am receiving a number of queries from people who say they can't access it using iPads. Even if they're using Chrome or Firefox rather than Safari. Our e-learning site also doesn't function fully on tablets.

We also have the issue for Internet Explorer users in Windows 7 and 8 where it only lets you on to the site if you set it as a Trusted Site.

As you can imagine this is causing issues with some of the volunteers in our teams. After all, they already give so much time and they just want to be able to get on to the sites without having to fiddle around and do stuff to their computers or devices to be able to complete the tasks they've been asked to.

My questions to you guys are:

1) Do you have similar issues with your intranets or e-learning sites?
2) If so, how have you got around them - if you have - and how have you communicated this to your volunteers?

I'd really appreciate your thoughts, suggestions or examples to help me with this.

Happy Friday everyone! :)


21st Feb at 11:33
profile thumb for jgibney jgibney

Thank you. Sometimes it feels like whack-a-mole! You get one IT quirk sorted and up pops another you hadn't even considered!

I also think the sites are becoming sentient! Either that or it's been a long week ;)