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Top volunteering holidays for the ethical traveller

Working in Estonia with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers

Great piece by Metro on volunteering overseas, includes opportunities and schemes from a number of different charities and organisations.

Conservation, health education, running schools… getting your
hands dirty on a volunteering holiday has become the latest big
thing. But beware, altruism doesn’t always come cheap.

Many of us are seeking an ethically, environmentally or
spiritually rewarding experience. And we’re happy to pay for the
privilege – last year, British holidaymakers were willing to pay
up to £100 a week for an altruistic adventure with the National
Trust. The popularity of the volunteer holiday has peaked
abroad, too, as tropical sun-seekers count fish in South America
and nature lovers work to save orang-utans in Indonesia. Yet all
too often, despite the hard graft and good intentions, such a
trip can cost a fortune. If you’re keen, one of the following
budget volunteer breaks may be just the ticket.

Full article here.

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