Need funding to develop a community idea? Then get yourself to the vInspired cashpoint!

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Aged 14-25? Got a brilliant idea for a community project? Looking for some funding to get it off the ground? This could be your lucky day!

The national youth volunteering charity, vInspired, has opened their Cashpoint funding project, giving young people the opportunity to bring their ideas for social action projects to life.

The concept is simple. Anyone between the ages of 14-25 who has an idea to solve an issue in their community – vInspired wants to help them solve it.

How? vInspired is offering grants of up to £500 to turn young people’s ideas into reality and get their projects of the ground. The great thing about Cashpoint is that once a funding plan has been established, young people are given total freedom to carry out their project in exactly the way they imagined it.

It’s already changed many young people’s lives and transformed communities for the better. One such example is Anthony Strett’s project ‘Huyton Bulldogs’ which was set up to offer people the chance to play rugby who had never previously done so. He decided to run the project in the area of Huyton, Liverpool.

Anthony decided to carry out the project in his local area as is it has a lot of trouble with gangs and with young people in the area unfortunately only have trouble and drugs to turn to in order to keep them occupied. Anthony felt that giving them this opportunity would give people the chance to achieve something.

The project provided the young people in the area with a positive activity to engage in and they learnt about team work, commitment and taking responsibility.

The project has changed the lives of many of the people that took part and they have been provided with an opportunity that they would not normally have had the chance to take part in. The participants have learnt how to work as part of a team and to engage in an activity that is productive and fun.

Has Anthony's idea inspired you? Then apply now to vInspired Cashpoint website.


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