Olympics Volunteering - findings, analysis, conclusions and recommendations

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I can't help feeling a tad rushed in judging if volunteering and the Olympics worked, and what this means to the volunteering in the UK.

There are quite a few comments and perspective in the social media at the moment, with perspectives such as 'Volunteering is for life not just for the Olympics' and 'Locog were only saved by the fact that they recruited great volunteers'...etc...

However, the preliminary findings on 'Volunteering and the Olympics' are only just being uncovered. For example, see half a dozen case studies via a Third Sector article.

But the Paralympics haven't started yet, and I would expect to see some variance in volunteer motivation and experiences here.

Therefore it would seem logical to hold the analysis until the findings become more comprehensive.

To refer to standard report writing practice, it's the analysis that would lead to conclusions, which would in turn be linked to recommendations. This is probably why I am feeling a bit rushed - I'm reading 'conclusions' being offered from every which way, and I'm still waiting for the 'findings'!

This might be my problem though - seeking a theoretical approach, in a sector where pragmatism is the predominant style. However, if anyone else is feeling somewhat rushed in working out if volunteering and the Olympics was good, bad or ugly, you are not alone...!

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