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'Reclaim Our Name is a youth-led organisation based in Manchester. We are all young people aged 14-21. We aim to promote the positive achievements of young people and also to challenge overly negative coverage in the media. 'Reclaim Our Name' gives young people the opportunity to change their communities and improve peoples' perception of the next generation.

The 'Reclaim Our Name' advertisement campaign will deliver this message through the medium of leaflets and art, to engage with the community in a different way as opposed to through text of newspapers, and to capture their interest better.

The campaign will include distribution of unique and original leaflets and flyers, designed by the youth of the Manchester community and members of 'Reclaim Our Name'. The leaflets and flyers will also include a written quote that will represent positivity, create a dramatic impact and change the perception of young people, particularly on how they are represented in the media. The quotes in particular will be something that will represent and strengthen the company's ethos.

The campaign will also include a mural which will be created by young artists within the Manchester community, again to depict the positivity and in aim to change how young people are represented.

The community will benefit from the campaign from gaining the view of the young people of today, and to understand the pressure the media puts on young people, through negative acts - such as the London riots last summer. Also the young people of the community will be involved within the creation of the mural, and therefore not only be adding to representing media views on young people, but will also be developing their artistic talents.

The community will witness that young people are passionate about their community, and in the same way some young people joined the 'riot clean-up', young people will volunteer their skills to help distribute and create a message of empowerment that will shine through the community. The campaign ultimately aims to get people to second-think young people, and actually realise their positive actions over the negative.

As mentioned, those involved in the campaign will be members (and friends) of Reclaim Our Name, and other young people of the Manchester community, who are passionate about making a change in their surroundings. We aim to get as many people as possibly involved in the distribution of leaflets and flyers, especially in cooperation with local stores and youth centres.

The money will be used to buy art supplies for the mural, printing services for the flyers, leaflets, billboard/bus shelter advertisements.

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Top answer

Really strong work and all led by young people. I am keeping everything crossed for you!

This looks brilliant well done! x

Brilliant campaign Ebony! Just voted and will encourage others to do the same - good luck!! x

Love your ideas, great way to profile the fantastic things young people do ... Go RON!!!!!!

sounds amazing