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Get involved in National Sharing Day.

Did you know that over half of the UK would love to find ways of being able to share their time and resources within their local community? The fact is that people love to share. Whether it's sharing a meal, a journey, our homes or our time, 80% of us say that sharing makes us happy.

National Sharing Day, founded by The People Who Share, is your opportunity to celebrate all things sharing, with mass sharing events all across the country. Communities will be sharing household goods in Liverpool, primary school children are book sharing in Brighton, there's a Great Skills Share in London and much, much more. Lots of people coming together, finding ways to save money, make friends and help the planet while having fun!

All the events are a part of A Good Week, a weeklong global celebration of doing good and take place on the first day of the UN Earth Summit in Rio, when people all over the world will be conducting experiments in living differently, in showing what's possible in the Festival of Transition.

You can be part of this exciting day too. You can run your own sharing event in your street or at work, or join an event in your local area. The more you share the more you have. Click here to find out what's happening near you.

Sharing the new shopping. It's a way to live the life you want by coming together to make better use of the things we all have. Sharing is the new fun way to access, rent or swap everyday goods and services. You can get the outfit you want from a clothes swap, rent a car from a neighbour, get experts from a timebank or let your spare room for extra cash. Don't throw stuff away - swap it. Have a spare seat in your car - share it!

Our partners for National Sharing Day bring a world of sharing to your doorstep, helping you to live better together. Explore great sharing opportunities here

The Sharing Economy is a sustainable economy where access to the things we need triumphs over ownership and puts people and planet at its heart. We can transform the world we live in, creating a better world for everyone. National Sharing Day is a time of opportunities and possibilities. What will you share?

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