'Together We Stand'-Community Cohesion Project

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Artcore hope to bring together the wide variety of ethnic minorities residing in Derby and work in conjunction with them, to create a large external mural. The mural will consist of painted works with cultural significance.

For the project we shall approach local community centres and organisations such as Jobs Education and Training who work alongside various ethnicities. We will encourage participants to produce individual images or motifs representative of their own culture.  Artcore shall then collate all images and, alongside their volunteers, create an inspiring final composition for the mural. This shall then be transferred to the external wall outside the Artcore premises, which resides in central Derby, at the heart of the local community. Artcore is a vibrant centre open to all the community, promoting arts and culture. The large-scale mural will be painted by all involved in the project, including several small groups from each ethnic community working on the mural at one time. By working together they will be able to; build new friendships, share experiences, and enhance mutual respect and understanding for one another and their cultures, thus promoting community cohesion. Once the mural has been completed, Artcore will install a plaque beside the mural, to acknowledge all groups involved in the project.

Artcore prides itself on being a diverse organisation, and currently works together with people from over fifteen different nationalities. The project we propose, wishes to build upon this very strength we currently have as a voluntary organisation, and hopes to permeate this throughout the local community in Derby. By bringing diverse communities together to collaborate in one project, we hope to encourage cohesion within the community. We believe the project will provide members of the community the opportunity to become, acquainted with and form lasting relationships with disparate groups. We anticipate getting around 30 individuals engaged within the project. However, the mural will make a continuous and large scale impact on future generations.

The project shall commence in the first week of July and run over a period of three weeks. The first week of the project will consist of our volunteers working together with community members, generating design ideas. The second week will involve the gathering of all design ideas, and the creation of the large scale proposal for the final piece. During this week the external wall shall also be rendered in preparation for the mural. The mural will then be painted in the third and final week of the project. Artcore will hold a small celebration event at the end of the project. This will allow all involved in the project, including family members, the chance to enjoy each other’s company in an informal environment, whilst simultaneously celebrating their achievement.

The funding provided by IVO will go towards paying material costs. The money will be used to pay for the rendering of the external wall and also purchasing paints for the mural. A small part of the funding will also be spent on refreshments for the final celebration event.



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Top answer

An excellent project from an excellent organisation. Well done.

This is an excellent idea for communities in a diverse area of in Derby. This is a great opportunity for different cultures to get together and use their artistic talents to decorate a relative drab area. Good luck Artcore

This sounds like an amazing project to bring people together from very different backgrounds. This kind of thing can build bridges between people throughout the community. Both exciting and worthwhile.

Good Luck Artcore