Volunteers to 'Inspire the Future'

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An hour of career advice can make a huge difference to a young person

A campaign that will call on 100,000 volunteers to help out in state schools is to be launched.

Called Inspiring the Future the campaign aims to encourage professionals to give time to their local state schools to provide help and advice to students on areas including careers and further education.

The campaign is an initiative of Education and Employers Taskforce, a charity that aims to ensure that every school and college has an effective partnership with employers to provide students with the inspiration, motivation, knowledge, skills and opportunities they need to help them achieve their potential.

Inspiring the Future will initially focus on giving short 'Career Insight' talks and 'Enterprise talks' following which more opportunities will be available to cover a wider range of activities such as mentoring, reading  and work experience.

The campaign has been launched following huge demand from pupils to meet people doing a range of jobs, and have the opportunity to ask them about what they do and the route they took to get to it.  Schools and colleges are keen to invite people from apprentices to CEOs to talk to their pupils where a one-hour session can make a big difference.

The scheme is free and volunteers and schools are connected and communicate via a simple and secure website. 

The Taskforce has received the backing of the Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg, who believes that the campaign will enable state schools to gain many of the advantages that private schools are seen to have. He said, "Independent schools have a history of getting students into the best universities and jobs, but many state schools lack the alumni links to give their students the same opportunities."

The campaign launches on the 2nd July - for more information about getting involved go to the Inspiring the Future website.

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