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If you've already joined ivo then you're part of the UK's fastest growing social network for good, connecting people and organisations who want to make the world a better place.

If not what are you waiting for? Sign up here.

If want to volunteer your time you can browse through 25,000 volunteering opportunities - these get updated daily so if you don't find what you want right now you can create a subscription to get email alerts when new stuff is added.

You can also create a Volunteer Profile to tell charities what skills and experience you have to offer and when you're available. Volunteer Profiles are a great way to let recruiters know what you want to do and what you want to gain from volunteering.

Here are a few tips to help get you noticed.

Don't be shy!

Volunteer profiles with photos are much more likely to attract recruiters. Think of it as a bit like a dating site - you're far more likely to want to contact someone you can see rather than an avatar!

What are you looking for?
If you don't tell recruiters what you want to do then they won't know what kind of volunteering you’re interested in - this means they are more likely to offer you things you don't want, or worse not contact you at all.

So make it clear what you're looking to gain from the experience, such as training, new skills, new contacts or just helping out - it all helps to make the right match! And don't forget to list what type of opportunities you want - e.g. local, overseas or micro.

What can you offer?

Outline any special skills or experience you have. These could be gained from work, volunteering or life experience - everyone has a talent to share, so tell us what yours is. Don't forget to add skills tags in too.

You can also add pictures or you could post a short video introducing yourself, highlighting your previous experience. Or you can upload your CV - if you do, make sure you remove any personal contact details first until you're ready to share this level of information.

When are you available?

Nothing more annoying than being offered weekend opportunities if you're only available during weekdays.

Let charities know where you are
Have you added your location in your Account Settings? ivo only shows your rough location, so even if you enter your full postcode this will never be shown to recruiters. If you hide your location your profile won't show up in location based searches.

CRB check?

Let charities know when you last had a CRB check as this is often required when recruiting roles to work with children or vulnerable adults.

No longer available?

You can deactivate your Volunteer Profile at any time. 

Share your experiences and develop your Portfolio
Once you've done something share it with others by recording your activity in your volunteering Portfolio. It's easy to do, just hit the big red Create button on your homepage and select Portfolio entry. Once you've added an entry the charity you helped can then endorse you - and you can recommend them in return.

As you add more activities to your Portfolio you'll see how quickly the number of hours you've given add up plus you'll help inspire others to get involved too. And if you're looking to volunteer to help with career development your Portfolio and the endorsements your receive can really help to impress prospective employers.

Companies can get involved too

If you're an employer looking to donate your staff time and skills then ivo is a perfect fit for you. As well as creating a corporate Volunteer Profile, your employees can link their ivo profiles to yours so they can share their voluntary activities with you - it's a hassle free way to get involved with the community.   

Be safe
Make sure you've read our Site Safety suggestions before you make any connections or apply for an opportunity.

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