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Exotic travel to far-flung destinations such as Goa is an exciting way to see the world and enjoy new adventures. However, visiting many developing countries can be an eye-opener as visitors come face to face with needy street animals that inevitably tear at the heart. Rather than turning your back on stray animals, why not donate one day of your holiday to helping out at an animal charity in Goa?

Along with enjoying the beach and attractions in Goa, one of the most rewarding things to do in Goa is to work as a volunteer helping animals in India for a day. If every visitor volunteered just a few hours, the positive impact on the welfare of stray animals would be immense. Not only will you feel better inside by playing your part in supporting hard-pressed animal charities, a one-day volunteering opportunity is surprisingly educational, informative and FUN! Participants get a chance to meet and chat with the locals, learn about animals and meet like-minded travellers.

Goa has a massive problem with stray dogs, cats and even monkeys. Through no fault of their own, these animals are born into a cycle of poverty and starvation. Those that suffer injury whilst fighting for survival simply cannot make it on their own and need a little human kindness to transform their lives.

Animal charities in Goa do a sterling job by rounding up stray animals off the streets and beaches. They provide an Animal Birth Control Programme, anti-rabies vaccinations, bathing, de-ticking and de-worming as well as providing emergency care for sick and injured animals.

While some visitors choose to turn a blind eye to avoid the personal distress of seeing animals suffering, others choose to do something about it. We hope you will be one of those who choose to donate one day of your holiday by volunteering in Goa, India at a local animal rescue centre.

A Typical Day Volunteering in Goa, India

When you book a one-day experience helping animals in India through Holiday with a Heart, you will be transported from your hotel to a shelter for monkeys. These adorable primates have often been ill-treated by humans and need a stimulating environment during their recovery process. Baby monkeys need bottle feeding and older monkeys need amusing with games and activities to keep them from being bored.

Lunch is served al fresco with scenic views of the inland jungles of Goa – a memorable experience in itself. Chat with other volunteers and listen to the Founder of the animal centre talking about how the centre was set up and run. You will quickly realize the importance of your contribution to helping animals in India.

In the afternoon volunteers are taken to another animal Rescue Centre where dogs, cats, turtles, monkeys and even cows are treated and cared for. Dogs need exercise and other animals need feeding and medical care. An extra pair of hands is always welcome here! Finally the volunteers are transported back to their hotels with smiling faces, warm hearts, loads of photographs and an amazing story to tell.

Preparing to Volunteer Abroad with Animals in Goa

Before you leave home, you may want to organize some fundraising activities for one of the Animal Rescue Centres you will be volunteering at. A small amount of money raised in pounds goes a long way towards helping animals in Goa. You may also want to donate some much-needed equipment such as collars, leads, pet toys and dog biscuits.

What Volunteers Take Home

As well as knowing that you have made a difference to the lives of injured and stray animals, volunteering in Goa, India offers a unique and rewarding experience for anyone wanting to work as a volunteer abroad with animals as part of a gap year, or those considering a career with animals.

Make sure you take photographs of your experience so you can promote the charity back home, raising awareness of volunteering opportunities for other visitors looking for things to do in Goa. With your help, one day’s volunteering in Goa, India can provide a lifetime of care for a needy animal.

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