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profile thumb for DaveThomas DaveThomas joined this group 18th Dec '13 at 11:50
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Jamie Ward-Smith added a video

Thanks for sharing Eddie, you can view the video here without having to leave the site - looks good!

5th Apr '13 at 15:18
profile thumb for Eddie

Hi All, I have treat instore for you today. This is something I wish to share as I feel you may be very interested in this short video by Erik Qualman about the use of the mobile phone, this is a topic that I have been talking about a lot as the new tool for NFP to start using more. I have also recently promoted and demonstrated it's power at a volunteer recruitment training event I gave, yes it came up tops and proved it's worth especially in getting a message out within 30 mins with 4 volunteer enquiries. And again demonstrated it's value to a group of volunteer managers on what you really can do with them. So imagine my surprise when I get a tweet from Erik also talking about this and asking his followers about putting together a vid in his true fact style - yes we all shouted and this is it - enjoy.

5th Apr '13 at 14:52


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