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profile thumb for KateR KateR started following suevjones 19th Aug at 10:21
profile thumb for suevjones
suevjones created an event

Introduction to Managing Volunteers - On-line learning programme

Designed especially for anyone new to working with volunteers, or if you already have some experience and are seeking time to stop and reflect on your current practices. Co-delivered by Rob Jackson and Sue Jones, this six week programme covers a wide variety of content from motivations to team dyna... [more]

date/time Mon 1st Sept. - Fri 10th Oct. 2014
17th Aug at 22:05
profile thumb for DaveThomas

Hi Volunteer Centre and CVS colleagues.
I have just spent a very interesting half hour searching online for a Volunteer Centre or CVS whose Social Media strategy has been published online. There are hundreds of sites with advice about how to develop your strategy, but very few of us seem to be willing to put our heads above the parapet and reveal our own policies.

I admit that you won't find this on my own organisation's website - yet. But I am working on a revision to this and will promise to publish it.

But for now please, can anyone point me to a similar organisation that has their own Social Media Strategy online.

Thanks in anticipation of being shown how poor my searching skills really are!

Dave Thomas

locationGedling, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, UK
14th Aug at 15:17
profile thumb for jemilyjephcott
jemilyjephcott published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursday – Adapt or die?!

A bit dramatic but I wanted to grab your attention....We've talked lots over the last couple of years on Thoughtful Thursdays about the new and different ways we need to respond to existing and potential volunteers; so this week I’m sharing just one of the ways I have been involved in working with... [more]

13th Aug at 16:05
profile thumb for suevjones
suevjones published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursday - Stop me if you've heard this one before…

Earlier this week this image popped up via the social networks – (thanks to the very brilliant DJ Cronin for sharing.) Of course every profession grumbles that no-one really appreciates or understands what they do, but I’d bet that the role of Volunteer Manager is one of the most mis-understood wit... [more]

7th Aug at 01:07
profile thumb for dickinsop
dickinsop published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursday - Volunteers; Is there anything they can't do?

Ever heard the sentence "we couldn't ask a volunteer to do that" or maybe "we'll just get a volunteer to do that"? I'm sure we all have at some point, maybe we've even said it ourselves! What about "who has the right skills within our team to help us with this?" or "how will this change impact on... [more]

30th Jul at 14:38
profile thumb for Eddie
Eddie published a blog post

Can your volunteers say this about you?

I hear from so many volunteer managers, moaning about the fact that after they have had a valuable volunteer for a while and trained them up really well, nurtured them, fed & watered them, taken them out on outings, put them forward for local volunteering awards, shared jokes with them, in fact the... [more]

locationDorset, UK
22nd Jul at 11:55
profile thumb for suevjones suevjones started following Ella_S 23rd Jul at 16:17