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profile thumb for HelenJ
HelenJ published a blog post

Thoughtful Thursday: When I'm entering data.

No, no no! Don’t run away! Come back! As volunteer managers, it seems our natural instinct is to hide whenever anyone asks for figures. Volunteering can’t be reduced to numbers, right? It’s all about the soft outcomes, you can’t quantify that! But the truth is that attitude doesn't always help us, s... [more]

16th Apr at 17:02
profile thumb for lgoodwill
lgoodwill created an event

Volunteer Managers Networking Evening

Calling all Volunteer Managers - it's networking time in London again! It would be great to see familiar faces from previous events but we would love to see new faces too. So, if you're new to the group, the very simple idea is to have an opportunity to network with like-minded volunteering... [more]

locationThe Euston Flyer, 83-87 Euston Road, Kings Cross, London NW1 2RA, UK
date/time 18:30 - 21:30 on Wednesday April 30th 2014
8th Apr at 16:50
profile thumb for Rachel Biggs
Rachel Biggs published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursday: Welfare reform and the impact on volunteering

Back in August 2013 I blogged about government back to work schemes (volunteers or voluntolds? Mandatory back to work schemes) It generated a great response and some really interesting debate from Thoughtful Thursday participants. So, to carry on with a similar theme, this Thursday I’d like us to... [more]

9th Apr at 15:22
profile thumb for Eddie
Eddie in the group Volunteer Managers Group

If you are newish to volunteer management then have a read of this really informative article by spotlight I come across so many VMs all taking about this issue so if yo don't recieve alerts from ivo's own spotlight then get over there and follow as it has many good articles & info.

4th Apr at 08:00
profile thumb for robjconsulting robjconsulting

It is a good article but it does seem to only look at problem behaviour caused by volunteers rather than also addressing the reality that sometimes problems are caused by the Volunteer Manager or the organisation and not the volunteer.

profile thumb for DebbieTCS
DebbieTCS published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursday - The Rise of the University Volunteer!

About six months ago I got back in contact with my university, well actually to be honest, they got back in contact with me. They were experiencing a rise in both student and alumni volunteering as well as increasing pressure for student careers in the voluntary sector and a need for younger more st... [more]

2nd Apr at 16:11
profile thumb for robjconsulting

The three things nobody is saying about #nomakeupselfie | My new blog for Third Sector online

2nd Apr at 13:36
profile thumb for nfpSynergy
nfpSynergy published a blog post in the group Thoughtful Thursdays from VMmovement

Thoughtful Thursdays: Where next for the 21st century volunteer?

In 2005, we wrote ‘The 21st Century Volunteer’, a report on the changing landscape of volunteering. At the time, there was a strong need from the third sector organisations we were working with to better understand the trends affecting volunteering in a rapidly changing society. We also wanted to... [more]

20th Mar at 10:14
profile thumb for Hayley Peters
Hayley Peters in the group Volunteer Managers Group

Hi everyone

I have a question that I would hugely appreciate some help with from your very big brains!

Looking at setting up some festival volunteering opportunities. I'm finding a lot of other organisations incentivise volunteering for their charity at events with 'free tickets' to the event. E.G. Although on the other hand Oxfam does not seem to class its stewarding as volunteering on its website, although others linking to their website do.

Is this still 'volunteering' if the person receives a definite benefit (financially by saving the cost of the ticket)? Anyone who has any experience of this do get in touch!

12th Mar at 16:49
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profile thumb for Hayley Peters Hayley Peters

Hi guys

Yes my concern is around it being construed as 'payment' and where the line is! Perhaps I'm just being a little overcautious...

profile thumb for Anne Layzell, freelance Anne Layzell, freelance

Again, I'm not a lawyer... but an employment tribunal would look at the whole picture before deciding there was a contract of employment. If you remember the renowned Relate case, ?10 years ago, there was an agreement in place with the volunteer about repaying training costs should she leave. The truibunal felt that the training was a substantial enough reward in kind to be regarded as payment; and there was serious obligation (rather than expectation) involved in the relationship. I'm assuming your events volunteers may drop in and out at will - and a ticket isn't in the same league value-wise as substantial required training.