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All Change. Mind the Gap.
Topic Eddie volunteer management and ttvolmgrs
Twelve Pearls of Wisdom (to the tune of Twelve Days of Christmas)
Topic SallyReith networking, ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 3
They’re all people, right? Is the management of volunteers the same as the management of staff and why does it even matter?
Topic Helen Timbrell HR, volunteer management, ttvolmgrs and training 35
Getting thoughtful with #ttvolmgrs
Topic suevjones ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 1
Topic Liza J Dyer social media, ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 6
Pokemon Go for volunteer recruitment #ttvolmgrs
Topic JohnRdtoVol marketing & PR, project management, volunteer management, strategy and recruitment 1
Pawns or Kings? How volunteers really do make it happen.
Topic suevjones ttvolmgrs and volunteer management
Who inspires you?
Topic jgibney ttvolmgrs 4
Thoughtful Thursday - Elephants, rooms and honest conversations
Topic suevjones ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 4
Thoughtful Thursday - connect, learn, share
Topic suevjones ttvolmgrs and volunteer management 3

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We're all about championing the vital role carried out by those of you leading, managing and coordinating volunteering. Leading the weekly dedicated tweet chat and discussion for managers of volunteers everywhere! Join us here and via @vmmovement and get thoughtful about Volunteer Management #ttvolmgrs

In this space we will:

  • Post up the weekly Thoughtful Thursday blogs
  • Encourage you to join in the weekly discussions by commenting, sharing & learning
  • Link you to the twitter tweet chat to accompany the blog and ivo discussion - even if you're not on twitter
  • Invite you to share ideas and suggestions for future #ttvolmgrs topics